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Video of the Week

Ok… So last weeks ‘Video of the Week’ was a sports related post with Seán relaying some of the best ‘Tekkers’ seen in the world of GAA and soccer.

This week we’ve decided to follow a similar pattern after we stumbled across what could possibly be described as the most ridiculous/audacious penalty kick in the history of football.

As a result, this weeks theme is ‘Penalty kicks’, and we’re going to show the good, the bad, and the ugly of finishing from 12 yards…

The penalty in question, and indeed this weeks ‘Video of the Week’, was taken by United Arab Emirates Awana Diab, as shown below.

Having just arrived on the pitch and leading 6-2, Diab’s unconventional technique adds further insult to injury for the poor Lebanese team. The UAE midfielder even came in for criticism from his own camp, with his manager substituting him straight away due to the lack of respect shown to the opposition.

Granted it was scored, but it is still a ludicrous effort and actually the contact with the ball was quite poor. So, questions have to be asked about the goalie! I reckon he had a little wager in Boylesports before hand…!


Zidane – World Cup Final – Enough said…

Joonas Jokinen of FC Baar incorporating his celebration into his technique… Good thing he scored!!!

Alright… not the greatest penalty but always good to see the old enemy fail!!!


Don’t know what is going on here between Arsenal’s French duo of Henry and Pires… Don’t think they did either!!

To miss one penalty in a game is bad; two wouldn’t be great… but to have the audacity to take a third… and miss, well let’s say Argentina’s Martin Palermo was off penalty kick duties for the next game.

The Ugly

Moroccan Goalies… Counting his chickens

Number one Rule – Keep your eye on the ball Son!!!