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Facebook Offers Rolled Out

“Now, you can get discounts from businesses when they post an offer on their Facebook Page. To claim an offer, all you need to do is click Get Offer from the story anywhere you see it on Facebook.” 

Last week Facebook announced they would be rolling out Facebook offers to the general public. This is big, and great, news for many brands and companies, especially those in the FMCG sector given smart phone penetration in this country. Facebook have been testing this out since December

Facebook have tried to monetize fans of pages before with little success but this low key roll-out coupled with ease of use to reclaim and viral nature means Facebook are planning on making a long term success out of this version.

According to Facebook “At the moment, the offers are only available in beta to a limited number of local business pages. We plan to launch offers more broadly soon.”

More interestingly they also state It doesn’t cost anything to post or claim a Facebook Offer. To increase the number of people who see your offer, consider running an ad or sponsored story.” Clearly Facebook are banking on companies increasing their ad spend to highlight their offers.

For years now marketers have been figuring out ways to make money out of social media and to justify marketing budgets that go towards developing an online community.

Companies with a large engaged fan base that have been using social media strategically stand to really benefit from this development.

More information on Facebook offers for users and businesses can be found here