- Reveal Yourself

Reveal Yourself- Sarah Wagstaff

Reveal Yourself- Sarah Wagstaff



Towns (Birthplace and living town)

Born in London in what is now the uber trendy Islington. Now live in Churchtown which in estate agent terminology is ‘on the up’, although I have noticed a new driving school moving into where the lovely fruit shop used to be….

Colour of hair

Varies. Usually Scandinavian blonde – occasionally slightly darker on top

Colour of eyes


Employment / current occupation

Account Director in Pembroke Communications. The elder lemon of the team who is addicted to glossy magazines.

I like/love

The important people in my life, good shoes, holidays and a good Fleurie / cold Cava

I dislike/hate

Chewing gum on the street, bullies, rain and wind together, the feeling that no matter how much money you donate to a charity, the problems are just so enormous


A fake miniature schnauzer called Bob.

Tea/ Coffee

Depends on the time of day.

Twitter or Facebook



I Phone. Who knew I was so good at solitaire.

Favourite food

Anti-pasta, cheese and tribeca chicken wings.

Favourite drink

Ballygowan with a drop of lime if I am feeling virtuous. Kir Royale for a treat

Favourite Sport

Really, favourite sport

Skiiing or Tennis

Favourite movie

Reality Bites, The Notebook, The Bourne Trilogy, The Hangover

Favourite Pizza Topping


Worst Habit

Coveting other people’s nice stuff

Last book you read

The Slap

Favourite follower

As in who I follow. Tom Dunne

Favourite blogger

Zita Spring

Favourite video game

Mario Race Car thingy with the steering wheel or bowling on the Wii

Favourite news/ content website (other than irishmediawatch )

Stylebitches, Homebug

Are you a hastagger/retweeter

No. Or perhaps I am and haven’t actually given it terminology

What did you do last Saturday night

That’s very personal.  I wasn’t blogging anyway.

Greatest moment of the Noughties

Two of my children were born in the noughties so that was great. I loved the Euro switchover and Take-That reforming. In terms of world events, I really believe 9/11 was a watershed moment – not so much great, but so much changed as a result.

A look to the future . . .what major trend do you predict for the next 10 years

Standing on a Ryanair flight to London will be commonplace.  The over 50’s will be the key target market and botox will be available at the GP – I hope…..