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Home Social Media Infographic of the Day: How People Spend Their Time Online

Infographic of the Day: How People Spend Their Time Online

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The latest infographic on how we spend our time online is out, which I first spotted on mindjumpers.com, and it makes for fascinating reading.

Of no surprise social media and search dominate how people spend their time online, 22% and 21% respectively. Despite all the talk about the future of Facebook it is the site that still dominates peoples’ time online, 7 hours and 45 minutes per month. Certainly no one is giving up on it just yet.

Interestingly only 5% of time is spent on online shopping. E-commerce was heralded as the future of shopping and as the death knell for bricks and mortar shops of the high street but this clearly hasn’t come to pass.

One of the popular activities is looking for health and medical information, 83%, so you would have to worry just how many people are getting the wrong information about such a serious topic!

Although one subject we all know the internet is notorious for isn’t included….porn!

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