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So myself and two pals did the Viking Splash on Saturday. For the laugh. And laugh we did!

We climbed aboard the lovely and very conspicuous blue and yellow DUKW beside Stephen’s Green at 4pm. Our little Viking hats were laid out for us on the seats. We didn’t hesitate to pop them on and get into character.

Before we set off our guide introduced himself and got us all to introduce ourselves. Everyone on board was from Ireland, half were Dublin locals. Interesting!

So the story goes that we’re the Vikings and everyone outside the DUKW are Celts. We don’t like the Celts. The other bus sightseeing tours are warships. We don’t like the warships.

Getting more into character……


We’re instructed that every time we see a warship and select Celts (our guide decided that today we’d be roaring at ‘lost Celts’ so anyone with a map and ‘Celts in love’, any couple holding hands) we have to let out a Viking Roar shaking our hands in the air in their direction. We practice our Viking Roar…..once deemed loud enough, we’re off. We haven’t even gotten around the corner of Dawson Street and already we’re roaring at a passing warship. We love it!

We set off….. Dawson Street….Nassau Street….Dame Street……around by St. Patrick’s Cathedral….Grand Canal Dock…..back to Stephen’s Green. The hour and15 mins tour provided some sightseeing nuggets on the history of Dublin such as Jonathon Swift is buried inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral (didn’t know that), there are monkeys playing snooker at the bottom of the pillars outside the National Library on Kildare St…..(have a look you’ll be amazed)….and much more…..

But the real stars of the show are the ensemble cast made up of the guide, the DUKW and the innocent, unsuspecting Celts minding their own business getting roared at by 20 absolute strangers in a ridiculous looking vehicle.

As we passed through the streets of Dublin, random pedestrians roared at us (even when we weren’t roaring) and funnily enough most of the Celts we roared at roared back. It was so much fun and interesting too. Not too long and not too short. Our guide was funny with a bit of Dublin charm and humour which always helps the laughs along the way. 

I highly recommend the Viking Splash tour (€20 per person) http://www.vikingsplash.ie/.

Bring your best roaring voice and leave your manners at Stephen’s Green :)