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Pic of the day – Want to get high?

I’m no fan of heights but our pic of the day shows someone that appears to be quite comfortable high up in the sky.  Pictured in today’s Irish Daily Mirror is Mich Kemeter who chose to adopt a praying position on the Taft Point highline in California. 


Mich took tightrope walking to a new extreme with just a thin strip of material between him and certain death.  These amazing images show him performing the dangerous craze of highlining – tightrope walking at some of the world’s most terrifying locations. 

I get dizzy going to the top of the Dublin bus never mind balancing at a dizzying altitude of more than 3,000 feet, the highline was set up between a fissure across a steep gully at the Yosemite National Park.  The 23 year old inched across the 25-metre line four times and even ditched the safety rope for the final attempt.  


My conclusion on the whole thing is I think he is absolutely crazy! It certainly takes people of all mental states to make this world go around.  Some are high up in the sky and others like me prefer their feet firmly on the ground!