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JNLR Radio Listenership Figures Released

The latest radio listenership figures show boosts in RTÉ’s flagship news programmes and a drop for presenters Marian Finucane and Ryan Tubridy.

Tubridy’s mid-morning radio show on 2fm, replacing the first hour of the late Gerry Ryan’s slot has dropped by 16,000 listeners since the last listenership report.

Colm Hayes, filling in the second hour of Gerry Ryan’s two hour show, has also experienced a drop of 12,000 listeners.

Ray D’Arcy fires ahead of the pair with a small drop of 6,000 listeners. He ranks four places above Tubridy at number 15.

Many radio shows experienced a rise in listenership figures. Miriam O’Callaghan’s Sunday programme ‘Miriam Meets’ gained 8,000 listeners. George Lee’s Saturday business show also gained 5,000 listeners, a substantial rise since the last report.