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Blog of the Week – Backpagefootball.com

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Your daily football dose

With the start of the Premier League on Saturday I thought I would be predictable and review a football blog this week. Backpagefootball.com was started by two Irish lads back in Summer 2009 and it covers pretty much every aspect of football from the Premier League to the latest young talent in the game. Blogging and football are the perfect combination as they both facilitate debate and what is more contentious than football?

The guys passion for football doesn’t stop with mere match reviews or pre-season musings; the blog also reviews iPhone apps (football related of course) and offers great opinion pieces too. For diehard fans there is also a photo gallery with pictures from matches all over the world from the global Fifa website.

The blog is also hosting a fantasy football league for the Premier League season which is a great new level of interaction from the blog. As I don’t partake in the league myself I am not sure how many readers are taking part, but if their Twitter numbers are anything to go by you can expect that there are plenty of would be footballers involved.

The real selling point on the site is their podcast football shows for the slightly lazier football fan. I love when sites do podcasts; I think they are a great way of reaching out to fans and broadening your use of media.

It would however be great to see some more guest bloggers, perhaps a few names from the Airtricity League or an Irish international star to give their views. Guest bloggers are a great way to pull in new readers and get a bit of promotion for the site. Overall this blog is a great accompaniment to the Premier League; it is the perfect way to get your daily dose of football action. Well done guys!


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  1. Thank you for this, it’s very much appreciated!

    What do you mean by guest writers? We’ve a wide range of authors from all around the world.

  2. admin

    You are welcome. We would just love to see more footballers blogging. Any chance of Cesc Fabregas? Ireland’s favourite Premier League footballer according to UPC’s recent survey ;)

  3. I very much doubt we can pull any footballer. They’re footballers for a reason :)

  4. As Kevin said, thanks a mil for the positive feedback.

    Unfortunately it’s not as simple giving Arsenal a quick buzz to get Cesc on the line, but it is something we’re working towards (Dundee United’s Sean Dillon appeared on our latest podcast for example).

    I’m sure it’ll come in time anyway.

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