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New Internet Craze: Horsemanning – what the ….?

I’m a joiner, always have been. If there’s a bandwagon – I’m on it. If there’s a craze – I’m getting crazy. But internet-fad planking I just didn’t get. Okay, the thoughts of someone lying down flat in the middle of a bus or room full of active people is kind of funny. But as soon as the guy in Australia died from planking the decision was made. I’m anti-plank.

But horsemanning – this is one I could get heavily invovled in.

Started in the 1920’s – here’s the supposed original pic that kicked it all off:


It was a popular way to pose in a photograph back in day.  Acc to internet sources the ‘original’ horsemanning photo, which spurred the latest trend of horsemanning, was found at a local flea market. 

For a guide on ‘How to Horseman’ check out http://www.horsemanning.com/

Here’s a few myself, Justine and Ciara tried earlier…….


For more pics check out page 28 of today’s Irish Daily Star


 Horse-Man Up! Send us your attempts :)