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10 Great Examples of Facebook Cover Photos

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I recently read a blog post on the always excellent jeffbullas.com entitled 20  Awesome Facebook Cover Photos. It was hard to disagree with his selections, my favourites being the Redbull page for pure dramatic effect, Ferarri for its powerful simplicity and Skittles for keeping with the all round fun and weirdness of the page.

It made me curious as to how other brands and companies are imaginatively using the new cover photos. Certainly this new large canvas provides ample opportunities for companies to be creative and really capture the essence of their brand. I really liked the way some pages incorporated the profile picture as part of the overall image such as KLM and Guinness.

A quick search found some really impressive efforts and cover photos of some brands that I expected to be a bit better – then again images are always a personal thing. I really like the simplicity of some cover photos that still spoke volumes for the brand such as the Budweiser, Boston Celtics and Guinness cover photos.

You may not agree with the following, so feel free to share your own favourites.

1. Budweiser


2. Guinness

3. Nike


I wasn’t expecting this when I searched for the page and it turns out it was for their Think Oven campaign. Great creative plus it made me want to find out what it was all about.

5. Olympics

I loved the way the London landscape stretches out into the distance with the stadium being the only really colourful thing in the picture i.e. The only show in London come July.

6. WFF

This could have been a really powerful image if the WWF logo was removed from the top right and the profile picture consisted of the WWF logo.

7. San Diego Zoo

8. Manchester United

I am certainly not an United fan but I just felt this stated – We are still the champions and we have set the mark for every other team in the league. Nice use of light coming in from the top right as well.

9. Boston Celtics

10. KLM

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